Buyers of secondary housing in the capital, planning to rent out an apartment in the future, should focus on studios and one-room options, according to the materials of the real estate company "NDV", received by the editorial office of "".
It is these types of real estate that have the highest rates of return, analysts say. Studios can bring owners up to eight percent of their cost per year, "odnushki" - about six to seven percent. The payback periods for them are 12 and 14-16 years, respectively.

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"Two- and three-room apartments are less liquid investment investments, and the size of the annual income is, as a rule, about five percent of their value, which corresponds to a payback period of 20 years," - explained in the materials provided.

Experts point out that the cost of buying studios is lower than the cost of one-bedroom apartments, but they also bring in less monthly income.
"In addition, one-room apartments, due to the factor of a larger area, the convenience of placing the tenant and his belongings, provide greater comfort than studios, and therefore are more in demand on the market," NDV emphasizes.

Earlier in November, realtors predicted a surge in demand for rental apartments near Moscow located in the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) zone. In their opinion, at the beginning of 2020, the demand for housing near the MCD will increase by 20 percent, rental rates - by 15 percent.