The development of rental housing in Russia is hampered by a psychological factor. This was stated by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev during a live broadcast on the channel "Russia 24".
Answering the question about the incentives that are necessary for the development of the rental housing market, Medvedev asked the questioner if he rented housing. “You ask a question about rental housing, while you yourself live in housing that belongs to you by right of ownership. The problem of market development is not only economic, but also psychological, ”Medvedev stressed.

According to the Prime Minister, it is necessary to work with the deep-seated attitude towards compulsory ownership of real estate, which is typical for Russians.
“This is a very deep psychological concept, an internal attitude of the absolute majority of our people. We have a rental housing market of 10 percent. In the world, it is somewhere around 50 percent, maybe 70 and 80 percent, ”Medvedev said.

Most Russians can afford to rent a large apartment or house
The Prime Minister clarified that the roots of such an attitude go back to the 90s of the XX century, when after the collapse of the USSR, most Russians wanted to get housing in order to then be able to inherit it. Medvedev also added that in terms of mobility, Russians are noticeably inferior to residents of other states.

“What should be done [to stimulate the rental market]? First, it is necessary to explain that renting is also not bad if the income allows you to do it ... But there are also economic problems: we really need to stimulate the construction of housing that could be rented, ”Medvedev said.

Earlier it was reported that among the main conditions for the development of rental housing in Russia, Dmitry Medvedev called the regulation of contracts, rental rates available to the population and opportunities for the development of rental projects.