More than half (58%) of Russians have ever asked for help from realtors. Most often, they were used to buy or sell housing - 56% and 57% of the respondents, respectively; 28% of respondents were looking for housing for rent, 14% were looking for tenants.

Source: RIA Novosti
45% of Russian users believe that the services of realtors are not necessary.
“In most cases, people still prefer to use word of mouth and property sales / rentals. Realtors, on the other hand, take on most of the necessary procedures and risks, such as: initial examination, checking documents for an apartment, drafting contracts. Most often, residents of big cities use their services - here the market is richer and more complex. In small towns, as a rule, all objects for sale and rent are “in sight”, ”comments Elena Shlegel, Project Manager for Real Estate

Realtors in Russia will work according to the standard
The respondents also noted that the work of realtors was not always of a high quality - 45% of the respondents encountered unscrupulous people.

Among the reasons for dissatisfaction: incompletely fulfilled obligations (60%), too large percentage of the transaction (42%), an incorrectly drawn up contract (23%), the offer of an apartment that was not for sale or not for rent (22%).

“Interaction with large real estate agencies, as a rule, reduces risks - they have an official price list and standard contracts for the services provided, which the client can familiarize himself with before starting work,” adds Elena Schlegel.

36% of the respondents would like to purchase square meters in the next few years, but the same number have abandoned this idea and are not planning a deal.