Buyers of real estate will have to wait the longest at the most popular resort in the Krasnodar Territory - Sochi.
The average payback period for daily apartments in Russian seaside resorts is 20 years, and the rental yield is 5% per annum, the experts of the federal portal WORLD OF APARTMENTS came to such conclusions, comparing the purchase prices of apartments in the secondary market and daily rental rates in the Krasnodar Territory.

For the calculations, analysts took the condition that the apartment is rented for daily rent three months a year. Thus, downtime was not taken into account, on the one hand, on the other hand, the possibility of renting out housing in low season - for example, on New Year's Eve - was excluded. Also, the calculations did not take into account the owner's expenses for apartment renovations, utility bills, taxes, and promotion costs.

In general, experts have identified a pattern: the more expensive real estate, the longer it pays for itself.

Apartments in Tuapse showed the highest profitability - 6.1%. The owners of apartments in this Russian resort will be able to recoup their investments in 16 years.

Found Russian resorts with the cheapest housing
In second place is Anapa with a yield of 5.7% and a payback period of 17 years. Novorossiysk closes the top three. Here, for the apartment to pay off, you will have to wait 19 years.

Buyers of real estate will have to wait the longest at the most popular resort in the Krasnodar Territory - Sochi. Thus, the average apartment in the most expensive city on the Russian coast of the Caucasus has a yield of 4.4%, and will pay off in 23 years. In Gelendzhik, the indicators turned out to be better: 4.9% and 20 years. And this is the fourth place in the ranking.

When compared with long-term apartment rentals, short-term rentals are more profitable, despite the fact that they generate income only in high season. According to our calculations, long-term rent in the Krasnodar Territory brings only 4.4%, and the payback period for apartments is three years longer, concludes Pavel Lutsenko, General Director of the federal portal “WORLD OF APARTMENTS”.

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