As noted in the materials of the company, 63 percent of apartments in the capital, offered for rent on a condition of mandatory renovation, are in new buildings. In both the primary and secondary markets, owners of real estate objects requiring renovation are most often ready to provide tenants with a discount of 10-20 percent of the market value. At the same time, at least one third of such apartments are rented out free of charge.

“As a rule, the landlord determines the financial costs of finishing materials and labor, as a result of which either the total rental price is reduced, or free accommodation is provided for a certain period,” says Oksana Polyakova, deputy director of the apartment rental department of INKOM-Real Estate.

“A third of the space“ for renovation ”in Moscow is rented out without paying for accommodation during the corresponding works."
In the case when apartments are rented out without rent on the basis of mandatory repairs, the owners usually enter into a lease agreement without rent for the duration of the necessary work, the expert adds. However, according to the statistics of "INCOM", in 12 percent of cases, landlords agree to a verbal agreement on repairs, in 35 percent of cases - they enter into an agreement, but forget about the approval of the estimate and terms, and in 37 percent of cases they do not include in the agreement a clause on the responsibility of the tenant for non-performance of work.

According to the Moscow Department of Economic Policy and Development, several tens of thousands of apartments are rented in Moscow every year. Analysts of real estate companies usually estimate the volume of the Moscow market at 200-300 thousand lease transactions per year.