The cost of renting apartments increased by 5% High consumer demand against the background of the beginning of the business season and the academic year led to a sharp increase in prices for rented housing. In cities with a population of over one million, rent has risen by 4-5%. Despite the seasonality of the dynamics, analysts do not expect a decrease in rates in the near future: high demand will be provided by people who postpone the purchase of housing because of its rise in price.
September on the Russian rental housing market began with a sharp rise in prices. According to the CIAN data, in 15 cities with a population of over one million the rent of one-room apartments increased by 5.2% compared to August, and for two-room apartments - by 4%.

The sharpest rise in housing prices, according to analysts' calculations, was in Voronezh: one-room apartments rose in price by 14% over the month, to 15.8 thousand rubles. per month, two-room apartments - by 15%, up to 27.9 thousand rubles. Krasnodar is in second place, where prices increased by 12%, to 20.4 thousand rubles. per month, and 8%, up to 28.2 thousand rubles, respectively.

St. Petersburg turned out to be the third in terms of price dynamics: rent of one-room and two-room apartments in the city increased by 10% over the month, to 30.3 thousand rubles. and 46.8 thousand rubles. per month respectively.

Similar calculations are given in Avito Real Estate. According to the company, the average cost of renting a one-room apartment in Russia is now 15.84 thousand rubles. per month, two-room - 24.7 thousand rubles. Over the year, these indicators increased by 1.3% and 6.3%, respectively.

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The most expensive apartments, according to analysts' calculations, are now rented in Moscow: one-room housing costs an average of 36.9 thousand rubles to be rented. per month, two-room - 54.4 thousand rubles.
Over the month, prices increased by 4.5%, and over the year by 7.1% and 17%, respectively.

Alexei Popov, head of the CIAN analytical center, calls the September price dynamics a standard seasonal increase, which is associated with the beginning of the business season and the academic year. “The growth leaders are the centers of subregions with a large number of universities,” he explains.

The second factor, Mr. Popov calls high seasonal demand: at the turn of August and September, many lease transactions are concluded, and the most liquid options are the first to leave the market.

Another factor in the rise in the cost of rent in Avito Nedvizhimost is the gradual increase in prices for the purchase of residential real estate. In anticipation of a better supply, some buyers choose to postpone the deal by continuing to rent and therefore increasing demand for rent.

The owner of 360 FLAT real estate agency Evgeny Klochkov believes that the growth in the cost of long-term rent in Crimea now exceeds the national average. According to him, rental housing is becoming more expensive due to high demand, which is achieved due to migration from the regions of Russia. “These are mainly young people, people of pre-retirement or retirement age, civil servants and the military,” he lists. The monthly rent of a one-room apartment in Simferopol and Sevastopol, according to Mr. Klochkov's estimates, now costs 25-30 thousand rubles. per month.