In Moscow, about 400 thousand residential premises are leased, including short-term ones, that is, about 10% of their total volume, said Nadezhda Kosareva, president of the Institute for Urban Economics.
"In Moscow, there are no detailed statistics on rented premises and hotels, but according to our estimates, at least 10% of residential premises are rented out - that is, about 400 thousand objects. And due to a drop in demand during a pandemic, some of them are leased out to daily rent ", - said Kosareva during the conference" Stimulating investment construction projects, ways of developing the hospitality industry in Moscow "on Tuesday.

So, in September 2020, the Institute's specialists recorded more than 3.8 thousand one-time announcements of daily renting of housing in Moscow.

At the same time, apartments are in fact an unregulated market segment. According to Kosareva, in the primary market of all premises for living now 20-30% are apartments, although only 10% of the total number of transactions accounted for by them. And a significant part of them are purchased specifically for daily rent.

In total, according to the Institute's experts, no more than 20 thousand offers are currently competing with hotels: apartments on AirBnB - 3 thousand, announcements of daily rent - 5 thousand, a possible offer for renting apartments - 5-10 thousand, places in hostels - 3-4 thousand places. And the capacity of Moscow hotels is about 89.2 thousand places, although now 70% of them are empty.

Recall that for the phased legalization of the rental market, DOM.RF is engaged in the market of commercial and corporate rental housing. She has formed a portfolio of 15 projects with a total area of ​​about 500 thousand square meters.

In addition, the Ministry of Construction and DOM.RF are developing a concept for a program of non-profit social rental housing for citizens with below average incomes who cannot acquire their own property with a mortgage loan.

In general, the rental housing market in Russia is 240 million square meters, or about 9% of the housing stock of apartment buildings. In Russia, about 10% of the population live in rented housing, while in Germany this figure is about 40%, in the USA - 32%. At the same time, only 5 thousand housing lease agreements are officially registered in the Russian Federation per year.