Separate rental housing in 2019 will cost the average working student from Moscow 78 percent of the salary. This is stated in the materials of a joint study of analysts "Avito Real Estate" and "Avito Rabota" (available at the disposal of "").
This makes the Russian capital the least profitable city in the country for youth getting higher education, the study emphasizes. In St. Petersburg, 60 percent of the income of a working student will go to rent a one-room apartment, in Makhachkala - 58 percent. More than half of the earnings will have to be spent on housing for university students in cities such as Kazan, Vladikavkaz, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Novosibirsk, Samara, Volgograd and Saratov.

It is most profitable to study and work in Vladivostok: a removable "odnushka" will cost the average student 31 percent of the salary. Voronezh and Stavropol are also included in the top 3 most comfortable housing costs for students, both with 40 percent.

Previously, Domofond analysts presented data from a study of the cheapest areas of Moscow for student rent. The company proceeded from the assumption that the best option for students of the capital's universities would be to rent a joint: a two-room apartment for four residents. According to Domofond statistics, it is most profitable to rent housing for students in the Nekrasovka, Ivanovskoe and Veshnyaki districts.