30 thousand for a one-room apartment in the center of Moscow. Until recently, such prices seemed fantastic, because apartments on the outskirts cost the same. Now realtors claim that every tenth apartment in the center belongs to the “economy” segment. In it, you can find a one-room apartment not only for 30 thousand per month, but also for 15. Life understood what was happening with the prices for renting apartments and how the cost of rental housing would change in the near future.
At least 10% of rental housing in the Central District of Moscow belongs to the “economy” category. This is the conclusion reached by the analysts of the Inkom-real estate company. According to their calculations, most of the low-budget rental apartments can be found in the Presnensky District, where a significant proportion of the housing stock consists of panel and brick five-story buildings.

So, for example, rent a 35 sq. m 15 minutes walk from the metro station "Ulitsa 1905 Goda" can be for 30 thousand rubles. In addition, you can rent an apartment at a reasonable price even five minutes from Tverskaya. There is a kopeck piece with a total area of ​​65 sq. m is rented for 43 thousand rubles a month. An apartment "for renovation" can be found even within walking distance of the Kremlin for 15 thousand rubles. And this is not a fantasy, but quite real prices. The low price is offset by the inconvenience in the renovation process.

CIAN analyzed the prices for rented housing for the first half of the year and came to the conclusion that one-room apartments fell in price by an average of 3%, and two-room apartments - by 5%. Agency analysts attributed this in part to the growth in supply in the rental apartment market. Since the beginning of the year, it has grown by 37%.

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However, now the situation is starting to change. If in the center it becomes easier to find a cheap apartment, then on average prices in the city do not decrease. The fact is that the most economical apartments in the old borders of Moscow have risen in price in autumn. According to Inkom-nedvizhimost, in September the lowest rental rate was 23 thousand rubles, in October it increased even to 24 thousand rubles, while during 7 months of 2019 (from February to August) the lower price level was not exceeded 20 thousand rubles.

- The lowest-budget rental option in old Moscow is a shared room (one woman) for 9 thousand rubles a month. The room is located in a three-room apartment in a 12-storey building on Losevskaya Street, 7-10 minutes by transport from the VDNKh or Babushkinskaya metro stations. An offer for one woman, - said in "Inkom-real estate".

In some areas, rental prices have even gone up. The company's analysts explained that the development of transport infrastructure in the capital - the emergence of the MCC and the opening of new metro stations - contributes to the rise in prices.

- More and more rental apartments are included in the walking distance of "traffic-free" transport. These properties are becoming more liquid, and the owners are positioning them as more comfortable and more expensive housing. But it should be borne in mind that an increase in the rental cost in this case is appropriate only in the amount of the amount that was previously deducted for inconvenience. After all, you had to get to the metro by ground transport, - the experts explained.
General Director of APRI "Fly Planning" Vladimir Savchenkov notes that in the capital the prices for rented housing have risen and an apartment or a room in good condition can be rented from 30 thousand rubles. For 10 thousand, you can also find a decent, at first glance, rental housing option. However, with a detailed study of the rental conditions or living conditions, it becomes clear why the price is so reduced.

- The main reasons for the very low rental price are the lack of cosmetic repairs, the lack of some communications or short-term rent. Sometimes cheap apartments can be rented from landlords who pay the mortgage. Sometimes the area per tenant in inexpensive housing is tiny, but those who decide to save money do not retreat towards personal comfort, - said Vladimir Savchenkov.