Celebrating the New Year in a country house by December 2019 has become more accessible: the supply in this segment of the real estate market has grown by a quarter over the year, and the rental price has decreased in half of the Russian regions, follows from the materials of Avito Real Estate, received by the editorial office of Lenta.ru ".
On average in the country for a house for a holiday, the owners ask for 6.6 thousand rubles per day - one and a half percent less than in December 2018, analysts calculated.

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The most affordable short-term rental of suburban real estate turned out to be in the Crimea: the rate here hardly exceeds 4 thousand rubles per day (minus three percent of last year's figure). The second place in the ranking of regions with cheap “New Year's” rent is Krasnodar Territory (about 4.5 thousand rubles for an average house per day). On the third line is the Altai Territory (4.7 thousand rubles per day).

The most expensive suburban real estate for daily rent is in Moscow and the Moscow region: on average, about 14.5 thousand and 11.5 thousand rubles per day per house, respectively.
In Karelia, Saratov, Vladimir, Kostroma, Tula, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Leningrad, Kaliningrad regions and in Bashkortostan, the range of rates for "festive" suburban real estate - from 4.9 thousand to 6.7 thousand rubles per day, is specified in the materials of Avito ".

Earlier it was reported that in November 2019, the maximum rental rate in Moscow was 6.4 million rubles per month. The owner of an apartment in the Khamovniki metropolitan area plans to collect this amount from tenants. Located in the city center, the apartments have an area of ​​500 square meters and are decorated with designer finishes.