The Russian housing market is changing under the influence of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. A number of new trends have already formed on it, according to the message of the investment company Garnet, received by the editorial office of
The first trend, which is noted everywhere, is the growing interest in real estate. “This is largely due to the fact that people who kept their money in rubles are trying to save them by buying square meters. Within the framework of the same trend, we note an increase in demand for investment property. So, since the beginning of the year, the number of applications has grown by 60-70 percent, ”experts disclose statistics.

The second trend is an increase in the number of requests for mortgage vacations. The third, already noticeable, is the increased consumer interest in remote transactions. "If in the primary housing market such transactions are already the norm, then for the secondary market such requests from buyers are new," - emphasize in Garnet.

Another trend has become a sharp increase in demand for rental of suburban real estate.
Earlier in March, it became known that the Russians were planning to subsidize mortgages due to the coronavirus. Such a measure is provided for by the anti-crisis program aimed at supporting the construction industry and the housing sector in a pandemic.