Suburban real estate rental prices are not growing, but they are not decreasing either. At the same time, the average price segment sags - 50-60 thousand rubles a month.
Real estate rental prices outside the city are not growing, but they are not falling either. Muscovite Lyudmila Presnyakova started looking for a country house for the summer a week ago. She needs an option 40-50 kilometers from Moscow with the comforts of home, hot water, a refrigerator and a stove to cook. I counted on the rental price - 50-60 thousand rubles a month. But for a week of searches - zero result, says Lyudmila.

“The feeling that the offer is in layers, that is, there is a cheap segment, and there is something in it. If you really want to just go out into nature, then for 20 thousand rubles, in principle, you can just come to a village house - you will have trees there. There is a very expensive segment, but in the middle segment, somewhere for 40-50 thousand rubles, it is most difficult to find something, where there would be some combination of amenities that are required, comfort and still not an insanely high price. And we are looking in the middle segment, we are sinking in this segment - I have a week of unsuccessful searches. "

Realtors told Business FM that the demand for suburban real estate is still high. It is predicted to be active throughout May and possibly early June. There are many offers, but it is practically impossible to rent something decent at an inexpensive price, says Maria Zhukova, Managing Director of Miel-Arenda.
Maria Zhukova Managing Director of Miel-Arenda “Normal, more or less with good amenities, with water, sewerage and something else, and a house about 150-200 meters from 120-150 thousand rubles and more per month. A country house with a toilet on the street can be found for 25-30 thousand rubles. Yes, it will not be close to Moscow, it will be a dacha community with amenities in the yard. Incidentally, I looked that week - I found an offer for 9 thousand rubles. It was a shed, and from the merits it was that he bought a refrigerator. In Chekhov, not even a change house, but a household block, I would say so. "

Dacha instead of the sea
Another pressing problem is the inability to see all the options due to the self-isolation mode and the access system. But here they are already getting out as best they can. The realtor uses the right to two passes for personal purposes and takes clients to the place. Or the clients themselves do it.

But there are certain risks here. And you have to believe, as they say, on the word, navigate by photo, video or online presentation. However, with this option, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Business FM has already talked about a case when everything was fine from the photo and video, but upon arriving at the place, the tenants felt an unpleasant smell. It turned out that there was a pond behind the house where waste was poured.

As for apartments, the situation here is slightly different. The number of offers increased as many tenants terminated the contract and left. For those who stayed, some owners reduce the rental price by 30%, or even 50%, or give a deferred payment. However, prices are not reduced for new tenants.

In any case, the business of realtors, according to Maria Zhukova, sags by 50%. But the industry is hoping for deferred demand when, after the restrictions are over, people return to Moscow and the Moscow region. True, here it is necessary to take into account the decrease in the income of the population due to the same restrictions and the closure of businesses.