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What are the proposals for country houses in the Moscow region for the summer.
Prices for renting suburban real estate in the Moscow region rose amid the pandemic. As analysts of the service "World of Apartments" have calculated, this summer renting a house or a summer residence in the Moscow region will cost an average of 60 thousand rubles. per month - this is about 13% more than last year. On average, the price for renting a summer house in Russia increased by 8.5%.

Is there still a chance to rent a house in the Moscow region for the summer? According to Oksana Polyakova, deputy director of the rental department of Inkom-Nedvizhimost, there are still many good offers in the middle price segment: “They start renting and considering cottages from the end of February or in March, this time at the end of March there was a quarantine, then the demand increased by almost 17-20%. Now there are still offers on the market, because the demand is sluggish, as it usually happened in previous years.

Prices practically did not change, they stayed in the economy class: renting an average dacha costs about 80 thousand. The average market of 80-100 thousand remained the same, the cost did not decrease.
Expensive elite - Kievskoe, Rublevskoe shosse, New Riga. If you need something cheaper, but with good infrastructure, you can consider different directions - both north and south. The main demand for long-term rentals is usually four to six months. ”

In the suburbs, expensive cottages may end, realtors fear
The situation in the elite suburban real estate market is quite different. Back in April, Knight Frank recorded a decrease in the volume of offers in this segment by more than 35%. And the average rental rate increased to 1.5 million rubles. per month is 30% higher than last year. Analysts associate the rise in prices not only with increased demand, but also with the fall of the ruble, since almost half of elite houses are valued in foreign currency. Therefore, now it is almost impossible to find a good offer, said Oleg Mikhailik, director of the suburban real estate department at Knight Frank:

“The main wave of demand has passed. All the people who wanted to rent a house outside the city did it. On the market there are those who did not have time and who do not have a pronounced need for rent. There are very few offers. Those people who were in the first wave in March took the most liquid. During the quarantine, the rental options were almost completely dismantled. Now there are practically no good proposals, they stayed at home, where the budget already goes from 600-700 thousand and above. There are still good options, but with specific rental conditions, for example, the owner of the house wants a triple deposit. The cost has grown, people began to take advantage of the current situation, in some cases the price tag increased by 20-30%. "

According to CIAN, two-thirds of the country houses rented in the Moscow region are cottages up to 200 sq. m. And about 10% of clients choose mansions over 500 "squares".