After it became clear that the self-isolation regime was being delayed, realtors drew attention to several trends in the real estate market. Life has figured out how now you can rent a house profitably.
First, there is a growing demand for daily rent from local residents. In particular, people run to such apartments to work or take a break from household members. Secondly, some of the townspeople began to improve their living conditions - now it is possible to rent a kopeck piece for the price of a one-room apartment. At the same time, there is a general trend towards reducing the cost of rent.

How to rent an apartment profitably
Ivan lives in a two-room apartment with his wife, children and mother-in-law. Previously, a man escaped the noise of the house by staying up late at work. Since self-isolation, the life of a programmer has become hell. Noise and din followed him, even when he retired to the only place in the house where he could be alone. But even in the bathroom, after a while, the household overtook him and demanded attention. It became impossible to work, and his nerves gave way - Ivan decided to rent a one-room apartment and began to leave the house for at least a few hours to indulge in the long-awaited silence and work.

Such situations are not uncommon during the CoViD-19 pandemic that swept the whole world. The habitual and measured way of life of many has changed radically. This could not but affect the rental housing market.

- Indeed, a new type of users has appeared on the market for daily rental housing, who are looking for apartments and houses for self-isolation for several months (the so-called medium term). After all, many have their own housing not adapted for the full-fledged work and study of each family member, - confirms the head of the short-term rental department of the Avito. Real estate »Artyom Kromochkin. - Therefore, people in such a situation are looking for apartments for short-term rent near the house in order to go there as in a personal office. Or they try to move the whole family to an apartment with a large number of rooms, so that everyone has their own corner.

The expert explains the new dynamics in the market by the fact that due to the transition to a remote mode of operation, it is no longer relevant for many to rent an apartment near an office, for example, in the center. Therefore, tenants choose an apartment anywhere in the city or region for the period of quarantine, while being cheaper.
Artyom Kromochkin notes another trend: offers from the category of daily rent came to the long-term rental market. The choice of shelters that can be removed during self-isolation has increased. You can also find apartments and apartments with a beautiful and modern interior. Management companies in the daily business actively monitor the condition and repair of housing in this category.

"The market is in a catastrophic situation": demand for real estate fell by 50-70%
At the same time, it became easier to rent an apartment without commission. For example, if an apartment was previously rented out for daily rent, it means that in most cases there will be no commission (since the management companies do not earn on this). Therefore, now you can find an attractive offer for several months and without commission, with a reduced deposit.

- The main thing is, if you are looking for housing, immediately specify for how long the apartment is being rented. If you have the opportunity to pay several months in advance, a quarter in advance, use this advantage to get a discount, - recommends Artyom Kromochkin.

According to him, contactless transactions are especially relevant now. If you wish, you can rent a home without meeting the owner or the management company, provided that the apartment is equipped with electronic locks. The owners indicate in the announcement card the possibility of contactless check-in.

Online viewing is another trend brought by the self-isolation regime. Sellers are ready to show real estate using video link. In modern realities, this new method allows you not to stop the search for housing during the period of self-isolation and quarantine.

What happens to apartment rental prices
Oksana Polyakova, deputy director of the apartment rental department at INKOM real estate, noted that the urban rental market is now experiencing a lull.

- Landlords are afraid to hold screenings, communicate, draw up and sign documents. Not everyone has the desire and ability to make transactions online, - explained Oksana Polyakova. - Therefore, today most tenants can only choose apartments for the future by photo or video.
The expert noted that the average cost of renting in the capital has not decreased much, as there is no growth in competition among landlords. Moreover, after the end of self-isolation, many will revise their plans for the future, since the prospects for work and income are still vague for everyone.

Alexei Popov, head of the CIAN analytical center, says that the demand for daily rent is generally declining. The specialist explains this by the zeroing of the tourist flow and the temporary suspension of the activities of many organizations.

- There have been isolated requests from those who wanted to isolate themselves in a separate apartment, but their contribution to the general audience of this segment is small. Moreover, some proper

Nicks of such apartments are trying to reorient themselves to renting out housing for a long time, - said the specialist.

The apartment is in quarantine: is it possible to complete a transaction completely remotely
According to him, the number of ads for long-term rental apartments has grown. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, there are 3.4 and 1.3 thousand more ads, respectively, in active exposure than a month ago.

The expert explains the transition of the segment of daily rent to long-term by the fact that the owners of these apartments, given the uncertainty of the duration of the quarantine, decided to make money at least on long-term renting of housing. At the same time, average rates are really going down. Now the average long-term rental rate in Moscow (for all types of rooms) is 54.2 thousand rubles, which is 7% lower than at the beginning of March, and 7.8% lower than at the beginning of February.

According to Alexei Popov, the rental market has stalled, as viewing new options, negotiating, moving is not an easy task in conditions with severe travel restrictions around the city. On the other hand, the search for a new tenant for the owner in such conditions may be delayed indefinitely. Therefore, landlords are tuned in to the old saying "Better a bird in the hands."

- Depending on the situation, tenants will choose new housing, stay in the old one or leave the city. We do not exclude the possibility of a massive outflow of employers from the capital. But we expect that the market will recover in autumn, during the high season, - suggests Oksana Polyakova.