Since the beginning of the self-isolation regime, the demand for rental housing in Moscow has decreased by 20%. This is the conclusion reached by the specialists of the apartment rental department of "INCOM-Real Estate" on April 13.
"Tenants in the Moscow housing market are active even under quarantine conditions: for two weeks of self-isolation, the receipt of applications has not stopped, but their number has decreased by 20%," the message says.

The demand for city rent is formed by citizens of the countries of the former USSR (2/3), as well as citizens from Russian regions living in the capital (1/3). However, there are also sporadic requests from Muscovites wishing to rent an apartment during the quarantine period.

The owners, in turn, are ready to reduce the cost of renting for the next period, as a rule, by 10-20%.

Also, experts announced a decrease in the activity of landlords, most of whom comply with the instructions of the authorities and minimize contacts.
At the end of March, in an interview with Izvestia, real estate market participants predicted a drop in the cost of rental housing by mid-May. The reason for this will be the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Presumably, in Moscow and St. Petersburg prices will drop by up to 30%, in large Russian cities - by 10-15%, in small - by 5%.

At the same time, the demand for rental of country houses reached record levels, having increased by 30-60% in March. This increase caused prices to rise by 32%.