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Rental rates for residential real estate in the European Union rose by almost 21 percent between 2007 and the first quarter of 2020, follows from an analytical note published on the website of Eurostat (the statistical office of the European Union).
The cost of purchasing housing in the EU for the specified period increased by 20.5 percent, analysts calculated. At the same time, only six countries recorded a decrease in the cost of square meters. They fell the most since 2007 in Greece (36 percent), Romania (24 percent) and Ireland (17.5 percent). In turn, Luxembourg and Austria were named record-holders of growth, where housing prices rose by more than 91 percent.

If we talk about rental rates, they have increased over the past 13 years in 26 EU countries and decreased only in one - Greece (minus 17.5 percent).

The most noticeable increase was the cost of renting housing in Lithuania (plus 102 percent), the Czech Republic (plus 82 percent) and Hungary (plus 75 percent).
Earlier, in June, it became known that after the withdrawal of the self-isolation regime, the minimum cost of renting an apartment in Moscow fell to 16-17 thousand rubles a month. At such rates, options are offered in a dilapidated state, requiring major repairs, with old type-setting furniture, located in the sleeping areas of the city.