Muscovites are in a hurry to leave the empty capital and hide from the coronavirus in their dachas.
Since the beginning of the self-isolation regime, interest in renting country houses has increased several times. Muscovites are in a hurry to leave the empty capital and hide from the coronavirus in their dachas. The demand has crept up and the amount of supply. Moreover, if you wish, you can rent a dacha for a penny or even completely free.

Change sale for rent
According to the database of ads, in the Moscow region the demand for renting country houses for a long (from a month or more) period in March compared to February increased by about 87%, and the demand for renting summer cottages - 4 times. During the same time, the supply increased by 30%. There are 5-6 times more people who want to rent a house in the village than in the same period last year. Many owners even decided to remove their dachas from sale and lease them.

“We are observing a tendency to remove the“ stuck ”offers of houses and summer cottages from sale and transfer them to the rental segment,” explained Pavel Lutsenko, general director of the federal portal “World of Apartments”. - This process began at the end of March and has been increasing throughout April.

According to our estimates, the supply in the sales market declined by 15% in March-April, while in the rental market it increased by 24%. The trend is likely to continue in May-June.
In the Moscow region, the rental price has not changed yet.

- Renting a dacha for a month still costs about 25 thousand rubles, and a country house - about 30 thousand. Houses in the structure of demand occupy a leading position, despite the higher price than dachas. Perhaps the fact is that dachas often involve less comfortable accommodation conditions, - reported the press service of Avito.

"Amenities" on the street
According to the head of the analytical center of the all-Russian service for real estate search "Cyan" Alexei Popov, the site now has 6 thousand proposals for renting houses and summer cottages in the Moscow region. Of these, one and a half hundred suburban real estate can be found for a symbolic price - below 15 thousand rubles a month.

Air quarantine. How will the prices for summer cottages change by the summer
- There is always cheap accommodation. As a rule, it is located 100 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road on the outskirts of the Moscow Region - in Shatursky, Orekhovo-Zuevsky or Serebryano-Prudsky districts. In terms of comfort, these houses have flaws. Basically, they are wooden or small-sized panels with "amenities" outside. Some owners are trying to rent out even unfinished houses, for example, to builders in order to make repairs, - says Alexey Popov.

According to and. about. Elena Yakovleva, director of a member company of the Guild of Realtors of the Moscow Region, the further from the Moscow Ring Road, the more likely it is to find cheap lots.

- Often these are old-fashioned settlements organized back in 1960-1970. For example, in the Chekhov urban district they offer a dacha for 18 thousand rubles a month. This is a two-storey garden house with a total area of ​​50 sq. m. with a minimum set of furniture, shower and toilet outside, water from a well. Only electricity is brought into the house. This object entered the rental market in connection with the self-isolation regime: before that, it was put up for sale. And there is an overwhelming majority of such offers on the rental market in the Moscow region - the share of recently sold summer cottages and country houses, which are now offered for rent for the summer season, account for 85-90% of the lots.

Inexpensive lots attract migrants
People rent out suburban real estate for free for various reasons.

- Some owners may simply not need dachas, and, wanting to get at least some benefit from them, they are ready to rent them out for a nominal fee. Others urgently need money. Someone wants to be looked after at their house, so he is ready to settle people there as guards, - said Popov.

Property owners began to reduce rental prices
Often, cheap housing is rented to a certain number of residents.

- Usually it is 1-2 people or a family. Inexpensive suburban lots in 90% of cases attract migrants who are trying to negotiate the accommodation of 5-6 people. In fact, there may be a dozen people at the dacha. Naturally, the owners do not want to see such tenants. In rare cases, the owner is ready to rent out the house for free for help in taking care of the house or plot, says Yakovleva.

Dig up a vegetable garden
Digging deeper into the Internet, I found plenty of offers of free or extremely cheap housing. Often men aged or not of the most beautiful appearance offer to add a girl or a woman. Some even agree with children. In more rare cases, people are willing to rent out a house for caring for it and help with the housework. I called one ad.

- I need a pair of gentle female hands without children to support life in a small two-story house with amenities and comprehensive assistance in running a joint household without restrictions on citizenship and other discrimination. It takes half an hour by train to the Kursk railway station.

- You will live for free in the Saltykovka microdistrict in Balashikha in the same room with m

noah, - a 49-year-old man sang in a sweet voice.
In another version, they offered a dacha for 0 rubles in the village of Volynshchino in the Ruzsky district. The man answered the phone again.

- The house is wooden. Area 12 sq. m. Shower and toilet outside. There are old furniture, gas stove, refrigerator and electric radiator. Looking for a boyfriend. I can accommodate three. I will live in the next house. For accommodation I ask for small services - help with the household, for example, dig up the ground or fix a rickety fence, says Prishchepov.

Sit with children
On the forum "Rent" a man is "In search of a boyfriend or girlfriend to help with housework in a village in the Moscow region. Accommodation and food - no problem. The conditions in the house are very simple, but with conveniences. Family is not an option! You just need one person who has nowhere to live. " One lady “invites a woman with a child to a dacha for a month in a cottage village 100 kilometers from Moscow. From me - living in a separate room + meals, from you - feasible help around the house + good company for my 12-year-old daughter. " In the group on the social network "VKontakte" "Nowhere to live | Housing for free ”published an interesting announcement:

"A family of vegetarians with two small children, living in their own warm cozy house in a picturesque place in the Moscow region, is looking for a decent girl (with a child) for comfortable living and food, interesting companionship, help with the household and joint trips to the sea."
A 22-year-old girl, standing next to a spectacular horse in the photograph, is urgently looking for “a mother with a child / children to live together. I have two children (son - 1.8, daughter - 9 months) It is advisable to work in turns 2/2, so that while one works, the other looks after the children. " In the group on VKontakte “Housing for free, I'll get in, rent for free Moscow”, a 27-year-old woman is looking for “a disdainful girl who loves children and animals, to live in the village of Velyaminovo, Stupinsky district, and help us. The conditions are Spartan, the toilet is outside, hot water for washing will have to be heated on the stove. " In general, there would be a desire, but you can find where to live without money. Unfortunately, not always with comfort and relaxation - in most cases you will have to work with pens.

Beware of scammers

Daily or monthly. How profitable is it now to rent an apartment
Realtors warn - beware of scammers when looking for cheap housing.

- Often, objects at a symbolic price are “money scam”. In order not to fall for the bait of scammers, you should be guided by the following signs: the presence of a commission of a real estate company, a lease term for a season or more than a year. Owners who lease such objects on their own, as a rule, insist on making a deposit or prepayment for several months or for the entire lease term. It is not necessary for anyone to transfer funds to a bank card beforehand, advises Yakovleva.

Vice-President of the Guild of Realtors of the Moscow Region Artemy Shurygin always proposes to draw up a contract and write in it what kind of assistance is the responsibility of the tenant.

- Otherwise, it may turn out that they agreed on a little help (for example, mowing the grass or going for groceries), but you have to make repairs in the house, - he believes.