For the amount given for the most expensive apartment in Moscow, you can maintain a city with a population of 100 thousand for a year, analysts calculated. And dachas, the demand for which has grown at a record, are rented for millions!
1. The price of the most expensive apartments in the capital is equal to the budget of the cities
The most expensive apartment in Moscow costs 2.7 billion rubles. There are several such objects at once: for example, analysts of Metrium have found a penthouse with finishing at this price in the residential complex Tsarev Sad, which is being built on the Balchug Island opposite the Kremlin, with an area of ​​1138 sq. m. And on Tsian you can pick up an already built apartment for the same price: 905-meter housing in an elite residential complex in Granatny Lane. “For example, the city of Elista, the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia, can live on this amount for a whole year, the budget of a city with a population of 100,000 for 2020 is 2.68 billion rubles. income and 2.75 billion expenses, - compares the representative of the analytical company Ilya Menzhurov. - And in total, in 2019 in Moscow elite real estate was purchased for 93.5 billion rubles. This amount is comparable to the budgets for 2020 of such large cities as Krasnodar (33 billion rubles), Nizhny Novgorod (32 billion rubles) and Voronezh (21 billion rubles). "

2. Rent a cottage or buy a one-room apartment - the price is the same
A boom in suburban real estate rental began. When the borders are closed, those who have been losing money over the past few years, the sellers and landlords of summer cottages, suddenly turned out to be in positive territory. "In the Moscow region and the Leningrad region, the demand for them increased by 70% compared to last spring, in other regions - from 20% to 60%", - comments Pavel Lutsenko, General Director of the company "World of Apartments".

Renting the most expensive dacha costs the same as buying a studio in Moscow. For example, it costs 2.3 million a month to rent a 450-meter cottage in Serebryany Bor, 1.1 million a month wait for the rent of a mansion in the form of a French-style castle near the Tricotazhnaya railway station.
At the same time, for 2.3 million you can buy a studio of 18 m on the outskirts of Moscow, and for 1.1 million - a room in a 3-room apartment in the Third Ring area.

3. One luxury class apartment can accommodate 40 families
The largest housing currently on sale is a penthouse in Moscow City, which is sold as one apartment. Its area is 2.18 thousand square meters. m. Analysts "Metrium" calculated: "Such an apartment is like a five-story building with two entrances for 40 apartments of 55 sq. m. m. In such a house can live 40 families - a total of about 120 people. "

4. Elite parking is more expensive than an apartment

The apartments have attracted buyers. Developers were able to raise prices
Most of the luxury residential complexes have their own parking space in the underground parking lot. “To buy it, you need to pay extra to the cost of the apartment,” says realtor Ekaterina Smirnova. - As a rule, in the Central Administrative District the price of a parking space fluctuates between 7-8 million. " The most expensive "apartment for a car" is more expensive than the average apartment for people - 13 million rubles must be paid for a 6 × 3 m parking space in Khamovniki. This is how much a three-room apartment in Maryino costs. By the way, there is a residential complex in which, if you do not buy a parking space, you will not be sold an apartment!

5. Square meter at the price of an apartment - and this is also there
In Moscow, in the Ordynsky blind alley, there is a luxury house with the most expensive meter - 3.17 million rubles. A meter of this apartment in the Central Administrative District costs like a one-room apartment in Reutov or a studio in Myakinin!

“This is 20 times more expensive than the average square in the mass new buildings of the capital (178.6 thousand rubles per sq. M.),” Analysts say. "For this money, you can buy a separate home, albeit very small."