Rates for renting suburban real estate in Russia may increase significantly in the near future: their growth will be facilitated by a surge in demand for rental cottages, which occurred due to the coronavirus pandemic and the closure of the borders of many countries. This is stated in the materials of the portal "World of Apartments" received by the editorial office of "Lenta.ru".
According to analysts, since March 2019, rental suburban housing in the country as a whole has risen in price by 6 percent. The highest rise in rental rates for summer cottages in the capital and resort regions, as well as in recreational areas - for example, in Karelia and on the Volga. Currently, renting a house outside the city in the Moscow region costs an average of 57 thousand rubles a month, the average rate for all regions is 33 thousand rubles.

“Landlords have not yet fully reacted to the market situation, not all have raised prices,” experts emphasize. - Probably, they remember the low demand of the past years and do not believe their happiness. Dacha rent in general is now only 5-10 percent more expensive than a year ago. "

But it will not be like this for long, they warn in the "World of Apartments": rental rates will inevitably creep up and in the near future may turn out to be 20-50 percent higher than last year.
Earlier in March, the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science, Vyacheslav Nikonov, advised citizens to flee from the coronavirus in their dachas with vegetable gardens, calling the Russians' suburban real estate "a huge competitive advantage."