The cost of rented housing in Moscow practically did not change during the year. The main demand was for the most budgetary proposals.
One-room apartments in 2019 were rented out on average for 30 thousand rubles a month, two-room apartments - for 40 thousand, three-room apartments - for 50, according to a study by MIEL-Arenda company.

80% of the demand was for economy class housing. The most demanded were the apartments costing from 25 to 40 thousand rubles - in this segment the demand exceeded supply by almost twice.

However, the maximum gap between demand and supply was noted in the budget segment itself - up to 25 thousand rubles: there were four times more applicants than applicants.

In addition to the cost of rent, potential tenants paid an impact on the cleanliness of the home, furniture and appliances. Apartments in poor condition and inconveniently located enjoyed the least demand.