In Moscow, pensioners rent out every second room and every third apartment. Renting out real estate is the most common way to generate additional income.
In Moscow, retirees account for 51% of the room rental market, according to a study by Inkom-Real Estate. Elderly people decide to take such a step for various reasons. Sometimes rooms are rented out to help children and grandchildren in difficult life situations. Lonely pensioners often take tenants who need not so much money as a human presence in the apartment.

Rooms in Moscow are rented at prices ranging from 10 thousand rubles a month to 40 thousand. The latter are located mainly in the city center.

Among the landlords of apartments, pensioners account for 35%, while some of them rent out their only housing - in this case, elderly people move to their relatives or unite with friends. Some retirees rent out apartments for a warm period, when they leave for the country.

The average rental price for a one-room apartment in Moscow is about 30 thousand rubles. For a two-room apartment you can get about 40 thousand a month, and for a three-room apartment - 50 thousand.