The cheapest is for students to rent apartments in the Moscow districts of Nekrasovka, Ivanovskoe and Veshnyaki. This is evidenced by the results of the study of the portal Domofond, received by the editorial board of "".
In the study, analysts calculated the cost of renting a two-room apartment for four students. In Nekrasovka, a removable "kopeck piece" will cost 35.7 thousand rubles a month, which is one third lower than the city average. In terms of one person, the rental price will be 8.9 thousand rubles.

Renting an apartment in Ivanovsky will cost 35.9 thousand rubles a month (about nine thousand rubles per person). A two-bed apartment in Veshnyaki can be rented for 36.6 thousand rubles (more than nine thousand per person).

The ten most accessible areas for students to live in also include Yaroslavsky, Kosino-Ukhtomsky and Losinoostrovsky districts, Kuzminki, Golyanovo, Severnoe Izmailovo and Izmailovo.

All budgetary districts are located in the east of Moscow: in the Eastern, North-Eastern and South-Eastern administrative districts.
The most expensive Moscow district for students is Arbat, where renting a two-room apartment will cost 129 thousand rubles a month (32 thousand per person). Presnensky (slightly more than 32 thousand rubles per student) and Yakimanka (28.4 thousand rubles) were also among the most expensive areas.