Realtors have identified five main ways to profit from square meters. The first is the organization of a family kindergarten in the apartment. According to experts, many parents are faced with a shortage of places in kindergartens, so home gardens are in high demand. “For this type of business, three- or four-room apartments, equipped according to certain requirements, are suitable,” explains Metrium. - In particular, it will be necessary to equip a bedroom, a playroom, a spacious kitchen with the number of seats not less than the number of children, a medical unit, purchase dishes, bedding. All this, depending on the manufacturer, will cost about 150-200 thousand rubles. "

The second way is to sell photos of apartments at photo stocks - specialized online databases of photos. The cost of one download of a photo is about 0.25 cents, the maximum reaches several hundred rubles, realtors point out. In this way, property owners can additionally receive up to several hundred dollars per month.

The third option is to rent apartments for photo sessions and video filming. On average, for one shooting day, the owner's remuneration is 15-20 thousand rubles. In addition, agents recommend renting balconies for the duration of festive events - this way of earning is suitable for owners of specific housing.

You can also organize a warehouse in one of the rooms. “The average monthly rental rate for a room with an area of ​​16-18 square meters for a warehouse in a residential area of ​​the city is about 15-20 thousand rubles,” says Metrium.
Earlier in July, the best cities of Russia for the rental business were determined. Saratov took the first place in the rating: an apartment in this city pays off on average in 12 years, bringing the owner an income of 8.4 percent per annum. In second place in terms of profitability of rental real estate is Simferopol, where an average apartment pays off in 13 years (profitability - 7.9 percent per annum). Housing in Astrakhan, Krasnodar, Nizhny Tagil, Chelyabinsk and Rostov-on-Don also has good indicators.