Potential tenants of housing in the capital have access to options offered for a nominal fee or in exchange for services. Most often we are talking about beds. This is stated in the materials "World of apartments" (available at the disposal of the editorial office).
According to the company's statistics, you can rent a bed or even a room in the capital from several thousand rubles. There are also completely free options: for example, a Moscow family offers to settle in one of the rooms of their four-room apartment of an English teacher who will agree to study free of charge with two school-age children.

Another example of a free rental announcement is a room for a “girl under 30” who will agree to keep the apartment clean and cook food for the owner.

The cost of beds with sharing a room with other residents starts at three thousand rubles a month. Most often, on such conditions, it is proposed to help around the house or look after elderly relatives.

For four to five thousand a month, potential tenants can choose a bed without additional conditions, according to the company's materials.

“Beds are rented mainly by labor migrants, as well as spouses who are awaiting the division of an apartment after a divorce, and people who for some reason have lost their homes,” Pavel Lutsenko, General Director of the World of Apartments, characterizes the demand for such real estate.

Earlier, experts from INKOM-Nedvizhimost spoke about the possibilities for renting housing in Moscow without money. According to company statistics, about 15 percent of apartments rented in the capital require renovation, a third of them can be rented free of charge under the obligation to put the housing in order.