A new trend is gaining popularity among apartment owners in Moscow: to rent out everything that may be in demand, even part of the only living space. Tenants are offered atypical objects - for example, balconies and loggias, according to the message of the agency "INKOM-Real Estate", received by the editorial office of "Lenta.ru".
As realtors note, against the background of rising rental costs and a decrease in the population's ability to pay, tenants increasingly prefer rooms to apartments: the demand for non-individual housing since 2016 has increased from 13 to 23 percent (of the total number of requests in the rental market).

At the same time, another tendency is observed: landlords of vacant multi-room apartments prefer to rent them out as "kopeck houses", locking the rest of the rooms - it is easier to find tenants this way.

In Moscow there is a house with a garden and a vegetable garden.
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“Against the background of falling real incomes, some Muscovites decided to rent out to tenants not only“ extra ”apartments, but also part of their only living space,” the materials provided. “In the practice of our company's specialists, there were tenants who, out of economy, showed interest in objects of non-standard formats, and the apartment owners were ready to lend them for use.”

So, in the summer months of 2019, a glazed loggia was offered for rent on the second floor of a nine-story building in the Golyanovo district.
According to INKOM, the cost of renting a room in the old borders of Moscow in the fall of 2019 ranges from 10 thousand to 40 thousand rubles per month.

In August this year, it became known that the high cost of rented housing can negatively affect health. This is the conclusion made by researchers from Enterprise Community Partners. In a survey conducted by the company, more than half - 54 percent - of 1,000 tenants in the United States said they had postponed various medical procedures due to the need to pay for an apartment or house.