The number of foreign tenants of apartments in Moscow increased by 25 percent compared to 2018. Of these, 59 percent are from Asia, 27 percent are Europeans, and 14 percent are US citizens. This is stated in the material of the agency "INKOM-Real Estate", received at the disposal of "".
Realtors have counted tenants for comfort, business and premium apartments. The average price range of rented housing is from 45 to 300 thousand rubles. Two-thirds of foreigners on the Moscow market rent apartments for residents of companies in the capital, the rest are individual tenants.

Newcomers to Moscow were offered to live on balconies
Previously, most of the visiting citizens rented housing in the Central and Western districts of Moscow, but at the moment the territories of the Northern, North-Eastern and Eastern districts are in demand. This is due to the growth in the number of business centers in different locations.

Experts associate the growth in the number of foreign citizens in Moscow with Russian legislation, which, according to experts, is rather liberal in relation to citizens of other countries in terms of doing business, as well as with developing diplomatic relations.

Earlier, the State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill that allows citizens of other countries who own residential premises in Russia to register newcomers.