The demand for rental of country houses in Russia has reached record levels - in March 2020 it increased by an average of 30-60% compared to last year, which led to an increase in prices: on average in the country, they increased by 32%. Participants of the real estate market told Izvestia about this.
The reason was not only the self-isolation of the population due to the spread of the coronavirus, but also the canceled vacations. Many people perceive suburban real estate as an alternative for recreation.

“People realized that they couldn't go abroad on vacation, so they decided to spend time at the dacha. In addition, outside the city, you can avoid crowding and, as a result, infection with coronavirus, "said Pavel Lutsenko, General Director of the federal portal World of Apartments.

It is noted that in the Moscow and Leningrad regions the demand for summer cottages has grown by 80%.
Anna Rajabova, director of the Metrium Premium company, said that demand for elite suburban real estate in the Moscow region grew by 70%.

The growth in demand was also provoked by the prevailing information background, says Alexei Popov, head of the CIAN analytical center. The news that Russians are moving out of town en masse has increased interest in renting even among those who, in principle, did not have such plans, he explained.