Airbnb announced yesterday, March 30, that it is providing $ 250 million to support homeowners amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The hosts will receive 25% of the amount that they should have earned from renting out their housing, but could not do this due to the spread of the coronavirus and cancellations by guests.
The Company will partially refund lost revenue from bookings made before March 14 inclusive, if the arrival falls between March 14 and May 31, 2020. It was on March 14 that the World Health Organization announced the coronavirus pandemic.

“We recognize that uncertainties may remain for bookings made no later than March 14th with an arrival date after May 31st. In the coming weeks, we will ask hosts and guests to review such reservations and either cancel or confirm them, the company said in a statement.

- All bookings made after March 14 are subject to our normal cancellation policy, COVID-19 will not be considered a valid reason.
For guests, they will be refunded the entire amount spent on booking accommodation during the specified period, or will be asked to deposit the entire amount spent on the new trip.