Most of all, housing has fallen in price in the areas of Kosino-Ukhtomsky, Lyublino, Vostochny.
MOSCOW, April 24. / TASS /. Discounts for renting apartments in Moscow have reached 30% of the monthly payment for the period of self-isolation. Pavel Lutsenko, general director of the federal portal World of Apartments, told TASS about this on Friday.

“Now, in a falling market, tenants are in a stronger position than landlords: they can ask the owner of a home for discounts and rental vacations, and set off a security deposit against the rent. Actually, this is what is happening in Moscow. Discounts are usually given for the period of self-isolation and amount to an average of 20-30% of the monthly fee, ”Lutsenko said.

According to him, the self-isolation regime and economic turmoil had a strong impact on the rental market in Moscow.

Apartment owners have become more accommodating, as demand has decreased: some tenants have returned to the regions, others, due to loss of income, are forced to terminate contracts and move in with relatives.
According to a study by the federal portal, in April apartment rent in Moscow fell by an average of 7%. Housing prices fell the most in the districts Kosino-Ukhtomsky (-13.7%), Lyublino (-11.5%), Vostochny (-11.8%), Kotlovka (-11.2%), Pechatniki (-10.9 %). It is specified that removable odnushki in Moscow now cost about 39 thousand rubles a month on average (at the end of March - 41 thousand rubles), kopeck pieces - 48 thousand (in March - 51 thousand), three rubles - 55 thousand (in March - 60 thousand).

The materials add that prices for rental housing in the Moscow region in April, compared to March, decreased on average by 6.8%. The largest drop was noted in Krasnogorsk (-9.2%), Mytishchi (-8.5%) and Khimki (-8.4%).