The launch of Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) increased rental rates for housing in satellite cities of the Russian capital. This affected not only apartments, but also rooms, according to the materials of the portal "World of apartments" received by the editorial office of "".
Over the year by February 2020, non-individual rented housing in the near Moscow region has risen in price by 13 percent, to 13.5 thousand rubles per month for an average room. “Prices for rooms in some satellites of the metropolis are almost equal to those in Moscow,” analysts say. - For example, in Krasnogorsk, which once again became the leader in rates with the opening of the Kursk-Rizhsky diameter, they offer to rent a room for an average of 16.5 thousand rubles a month. This is 3 thousand rubles more than the average for the zone. "

Kotelniki and Reutov, cities that, like Krasnogorsk, have their own metro stations, are not far behind. The rental rate here is about 16 thousand rubles per month. Approximately 14.5 thousand a month are asked for rooms in Khimki and Lyubertsy. In turn, the lowest rates are in the cities of the near Moscow region - in Lytkarino and Vidnoye. You will have to pay about 11 thousand rubles a month for a rented room in local residential buildings.

“In conditions of decreasing solvency, consumers are moving from the sales market to the rental market, where the cheapest formats, in particular rooms, are becoming the most popular,” experts say.

"Demand starts to flow from the expensive capital to the region, especially since the integration of the Moscow and regional transport systems into a single network makes living outside the Moscow Ring Road more and more comfortable."
Earlier, in January, the cities of Russia with the most profitable rooms were named. As analysts found out, it is most profitable to lease this type of real estate in Ulyanovsk, Kirov and Cherepovets - the profitability of rooms in these cities exceeds 13.5 percent per annum.