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How the prices for rental housing have changed on the market. Due to the pandemic, the supply in the rental market exceeded demand and prices fell after that. According to the agency "NDV-Supermarket Real Estate", over the summer the volume of offers increased by 20%, and in the residential areas - by a quarter. According to experts, the sharp drop in demand was caused by the fact that many tenants left the city during the pandemic. The market was also negatively affected by the drop in their income.
And in the near future the demand for rent is unlikely to recover, says Oleg Samoilov, vice president of the BEST-Real Estate group of companies. Therefore, according to him, now on the market you can find almost any object with a discount:

“The volume of supply since the start of quarantine measures has increased, including due to the fact that a number of facilities that were previously involved have become vacant due to the release.

The market clearly demonstrates a significant excess of supply over demand in almost all of its micro-segments.
If we take the mass sector, then it is usually the most attractive in terms of price. And, as a rule, these are small objects. Although, on the other hand, today there is a tendency in demand for large multi-room apartments, which people tend to rent together. "

The fall in demand for rental housing has led to a sharp decline in rates. During the pandemic, apartments fell by an average of 20%, Alexei Popov, head of the CIAN analytical center, told Kommersant FM. And now the prices are still 10-15% lower than before the quarantine.

"Moscow is overstocked": how much the prices for rental housing fell after the collapse of demand
“There are several significant periods in the first half of the year. First of all, this is a decrease in rental rates from late March to early April. They decreased by about 11%. Real rental rates were 20% lower. And in principle to the present time they remain at the same level. There are small fluctuations, but so far no stable growth has been recorded. Before the start of the new academic year and business season, the market will most likely win back some of the losses. But we do not expect a return to the pre-crisis level, ”Popov says.

Significant discounts for rent are available only in economy class, said Konstantin Aprelev, vice president of the Russian Guild of Realtors. And the cost of renting business class apartments has changed insignificantly. “With regard to newly rented housing, today the rate ranges from 10% to 30%. But this applies to the middle category of housing. But with regard to the elite and business class, the owners are more conservative, and there are no such discounts. "

"Before the crisis, housing could be rented out literally in two or three weeks maximum."
“It took three to five months in the elite. Therefore, it is quite difficult to say unambiguously in the elite and business segments what happened to the demand, since the objects are exhibited for longer, ”Aprelev says.

Also, according to analysts from the NDV-Supermarket Real Estate agency, after the quarantine, clients began to rent more often two- or three-room apartments on the outskirts of Moscow. But the demand for "odnushki", which are located closer to the center, has decreased.