картонные коробки купить в Москве по низким оптовым ценам

In August 2020, the number of owners wishing to rent out their apartments in Moscow increased by one and a half times compared to last year. At the same time, the rental price in the capital region has practically not changed, according to the materials of the MIEL agency received by the editorial office of Lenta.ru.
The supply in the rental market in Moscow and the Moscow region is growing, demand has not yet recovered, realtors say. In the first half of 2020, the number of rental transactions fell by about 35 percent, they calculated. Some of the employers left the capital due to the pandemic and have not yet returned. Many objects remain free.

"Moscow is overstocked": how much the prices for rental housing fell after the collapse of demand
Nevertheless, according to MIEL, the decline in demand and the increase in supply did not have a serious impact on rental rates - in fact, Muscovites refused to offer visitors discounts on housing.

Few owners are willing to cut the cost of hiring by 10-15 percent.
"Landlords, despite the crisis tendencies, are not ready to cross a certain psychological threshold of expectations, and many of them agree to completely refuse to rent out their properties for some time, rather than put their apartment on the market at a cost lower than what they would like to receive" , - experts conclude.

Earlier, in June, it became known that citizens who rent housing in Moscow, after the withdrawal of the self-isolation regime, began to actively search for rented rooms. They are forced to give up individual apartments due to lack of funds.