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"House. RF ”plans to launch an online rental platform next year. It will help bring the market out of the shadows and bring up to 200 billion rubles to the budget, the authorities hope.
A federal platform-aggregator of rental housing may appear in Russia next year, said the general director of the state-owned company Dom. RF "Vitaly Mutko. He noted that the site will contribute to the formation of a civilized rental housing market. To create the platform, legislative changes are needed, which can be prepared already in the autumn session of the State Duma, and the platform itself can be launched at the beginning of 2021, Mutko added.

"House. RF "has prepared a bill on the creation of a rental housing platform, taking into account a convenient tax regime for citizens - self-employed, individual entrepreneurs or the usual tax regime, commented RBC" Dom. RF ". The bill has been sent to the Ministry of Construction.

Mutko explained that the service will be free.

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“We will try to make sure that everything is on one platform, so that a person, without leaving home, in search of rental housing, can find a place to live, conclude a deal, register and link with Rosreestr,” the head of “House. RF "(quoted by the agency" Moscow "). Now, according to Mutko, about 246 million square meters are leased in Russia. m of living space, which is about 6% of the total housing stock of apartment buildings.

The Ministry of Construction spoke about plans to create an aggregator platform to legalize the rental housing market back in January. Then the Deputy Minister of Construction Nikita Stasishin noted that there are about 5.2 million apartments in the country that are leased. The new platform will help bring the market out of the shadows and will contribute to the budget revenues of up to 200 billion rubles in taxes, the ministry said. Stasishin noted that the platform will help bring out of the shadows a large number of apartments for rent in the country, which can bring up to 200 billion rubles a year to the budget. At that time, they discussed the creation of a platform without attracting budget funds.