Массовый подбор персонала и кадров

The rental market in Russia is beginning to recover after the fall that occurred with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Rental housing prices began to rise slowly in most cities with a population of over 1 million.
The owners of apartments with high-quality repair, located in good areas of cities with a population of one million, have begun to gradually raise rental rates. This was reported by Kommersant with reference to CIAN analysts.

Experts are sure that rented housing will sharply rise in price. A large number of offers of rental apartments from owners are available on the market, while the paying capacity of Russians only decreased during the pandemic.

Deadline for recovery of global real estate market after coronavirus outlined
The average rental price for a one-room apartment in Russia in October is 17,200 rubles, for a two-room apartment - 24,400, that is, 1.4% and 2.2% more than in September.
At the same time, prices for rental housing are now still lower than in the same period last year. Then renting a one-room apartment cost 18,200 rubles, and a two-room apartment - 26,500 rubles.

Experts believe that the recovery of the rental market after the spring fall will be slow. In part, the demand for rental housing can be fueled by student tenants who come for full-time study at universities from other cities.

In Moscow, the situation on the rental housing market is somewhat different than the national average. In September 2020, the rent of one-room apartments went up by 5.5% at once, the average cost was 40,100 rubles per month.