On average, a Russian student will have to pay 4,601 rubles a month to rent a two-piece apartment.
The start of the school year is not far off. This means that it is high time for students who did not get a place in the hostel to think about renting. Typically, the peak of student activity in the rental market begins in mid-August and lasts until mid-September. And although there is no such student demand (according to experts, it accounts for 1-2% during this period), prices for rented apartments at this time may add about 3-5%, and there may not be any suitable options.

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Domofond.ru experts decided to find out in which cities it is cheapest for students to rent an apartment on a joint basis. A typical situation was taken as a basis: four students want to rent a two-room apartment in order to share the rent among themselves. Analysts have analyzed the cost of renting two-room apartments in 76 large Russian cities. Experts told the editorial office of Vesti about the results of the study. The property.

The most affordable housing in Volzhsky
It turned out that, on average, a Russian student, renting a kopeck piece, would have to pay 4,601 rubles a month (at an average price of an apartment of 18,405 rubles).

The students were most fortunate in the city of Volzhsky. A two-room apartment can be rented here for 10,303 rubles a month. Thus, each student will have to pay 2,576 rubles. This is almost half of the average Russian cost.

Almost as much is the rent of a kopeck piece in Kursk - 2,583 rubles per person. You can rent an apartment in Sterlitamak a little more expensive. Renting a two-room apartment in a Bashkir city is 10,400 rubles, or 2,600 rubles for each of the four students.

The number of available cities for student rent (with a price tag of up to 3,101 rubles) includes Bryansk, Kurgan, Ivanovo, Magnitogorsk, Saransk, Yoshkar-Ola and Kostroma.

Dear Moscow

Every fifth rental apartment in Moscow turns into a communal apartment
As expected, Moscow has become the leader in rental rates. With the average cost of a kopeck piece at 52,007 rubles, a student from the capital will have to pay 13,002 rubles a month when renting an apartment with three friends.

"The cost of rent in the capital is almost three times higher than the average Russian (18,405 rubles)," analysts from Domofond.ru note.

The second place went to the resort Sochi. Here renting a house for four will cost 2 thousand less than in Moscow - 10 833 rubles per student. The three leaders are closed by the Moscow Region Khimki, where rent for a kopeck piece costs 36,630 rubles, and the monthly payment for one student is 9,158 rubles.

St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, two cities near Moscow - Balashikha and Podolsk, and two cities in Crimea - Simferopol and Sevastopol are among the most inaccessible cities in terms of renting for students.

Student rent in million-plus cities

Where do students of Moscow universities live?
If you look at rentals in cities with a population of one million (where, as a rule, a large number of students live), then St. Petersburg is the most expensive city after Moscow. Renting a two-room apartment in the Northern Capital will cost 35,034 rubles, and one student will have to pay 8,759 rubles for housing every month.

Experts point out that not a single city with a population of over a million people was included in the list of the most accessible cities.
For example, in Kazan (where there is a large concentration of universities), a student, renting an apartment, will have to pay 5,725 rubles a month. The rent will cost a little cheaper for students from Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Krasnodar - from 5,091 to 5,499 per month.

Only in five cities with a population of one million did the rental price turn out to be lower than the average for Russia (4,601 rubles per student). These are Perm (4,385 rubles per student), Omsk (4,022 rubles), Voronezh (3,999 rubles), Chelyabinsk (3,802 rubles) and Volgograd (3,683 rubles).

The closest to the average millionaire city is Samara, where renting an apartment will cost 18,936 rubles, that is, 4,734 rubles per student when renting for four.

Earlier, MIEL experts called an ideal apartment for a student. The main criterion was the cost: the lower the better. The second requirement after the price is the proximity to the university or convenient transport accessibility to it. Most often, students want to rent a one-room apartment or a room in a two- or three-room apartment.