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In Russia, the cost of rental housing has increased

The rental market in Russia is beginning to recover after the fall that occurred with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Experts reported a record drop in demand for offices in Moscow

Moscow. October 9th. INTERFAX.RU - The volume of transactions in the office real estate market in the capital has reached a minimum over the past 14 years, the consulting…

Housing for students has risen in price in Russia

Rental rates for compact rented housing - one-room apartments and studios - increased in Russia before the academic year.

Office with a double bed: how Moscow hotels lure customers when even 40% discounts do not work

Despite a 40% drop in prices, Moscow hotels are still not loaded. Hoteliers' revenue decreased by 60% or more. To survive, hoteliers are forced to look for new,…

The state may launch an online aggregator of rental housing

"House. RF ”plans to launch an online rental platform next year. It will help bring the market out of the shadows and bring up to 200 billion rubles to the budget,…

30 thousand for 30 meters. How much does it cost to rent a one-room apartment in Moscow?

If you wish, you can rent a one-room apartment in Moscow at a reasonable price. Only it will be located in not the most prestigious area, and renovation may take…

Muscovites refused to cut rental rates

In August 2020, the number of owners wishing to rent out their apartments in Moscow increased by one and a half times compared to last year.

Moscow predicted a fall in rental rates for apartments

While the demand in the Moscow rental market has not returned to "pre-coronavirus" indicators, according to the materials of the agency "INKOM-Real Estate"

Supply surpassed demand

How the prices for rental housing have changed on the market. Due to the pandemic, the supply in the rental market exceeded demand and prices fell after that.

"Moscow is overstocked": how much the prices for rental housing fell after the collapse of demand

The supply in the rental market of Moscow housing in the summer increased by 20-25%, and prices fell against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

Russians rushed to invest in real estate

In the first half of 2020, the demand from Russians for the purchase of real estate for rent or for subsequent resale increased by 42 percent compared to the same…

Named European countries with cheap housing

Rental rates for residential real estate in the European Union rose by almost 21 percent between 2007 and the first quarter of 2020, follows from an analytical note…

The tenants went to their rooms

Renting an apartment is partly becoming more popular. The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced tenants in Moscow to seriously save on rental housing.

Rentals jumped up

What are the proposals for country houses in the Moscow region for the summer.

Apartments in warehouses: which real estate business grew during the pandemic

The unexpected beneficiaries of the current crisis turned out to be operators of temporary storage warehouses: both entrepreneurs who remained with a large stock…

In the suburbs, expensive cottages may end, realtors fear

MOSCOW, June 2 - RIA Real Estate. The demand for rent and purchase of expensive cottages in the Moscow region during the COVID-19

In the largest cities of Russia, the cost of rental housing has collapsed

At the end of May 2020, rented apartments fell in price both in Moscow and in Russia as a whole.

Business will have the right to terminate lease agreements without fines

On May 22, the State Duma adopted a government law in the third reading, which, in particular, will provide small and medium-sized businesses affected by the coronavirus…

Villas and cottages await guests

What is happening on the real estate rental market abroad and in Russia.

Shopping center owners claim 50% loss of revenue

The owners of the largest shopping centers lost 50% of their proceeds, according to a letter from the initiative group of the Russian Council of Shopping Centers

The coronavirus has hit the rental housing market.

Living in rented apartments will become even cheaper for Russians

Muscovites are leaving the city

The interest in suburban real estate continues to grow. Due to the coronavirus, more and more people are trying to leave the city.

Realtors reported a drop in demand for rental apartments in Moscow by almost 80%

On the contrary, interest in renting out-of-town real estate has grown almost 10 times.

More than half of the stores in Moscow may never open

After the lifting of quarantine measures in Moscow, up to 50% of clothing, footwear and accessories stores may close, Fashion Consulting Group predicts.

Airbnb to fire 1,900 people over coronavirus

Airbnb, a rental service that planned to go public in 2020, will lay off 1,900 people due to the coronavirus crisis. This is approximately 25% of the staff.

Rent a house in the village. Is it possible to find a summer cottage now and which one?

Suburban real estate rental prices are not growing, but they are not decreasing either. At the same time, the average price segment sags - 50-60 thousand rubles…

The expert believes that rental housing in Russia may drop in price by 20% by July

After the resumption of economic activity, rates will not return to their previous, pre-pandemic, level, believes Pavel Lutsenko, general director of the World of…

"I had to quit and pack my things." How the coronavirus and crisis are changing the rental market

A self-isolation regime has been introduced in Moscow and the regions of Russia, many Russians are in quarantine and cannot leave their homes to work.

Mortgage or rent. What is more profitable now - rent a house or buy your own

Living space in Russia began to fall sharply in price. Life found out what is more profitable now - to take out a mortgage or stay in a rented apartment?

Experts: the hotel market in the Russian Federation will start to grow no earlier than the third quarter

The hotel market in Russia, one of the most affected by coronavirus infection, will begin to recover no earlier than July - September 2020, follows from the report…

Agony of shopping centers: 3 thousand shopping centers will go bankrupt if quarantine is extended to May

Commercial property owners are asking to recognize this industry as particularly affected.

Escape from an epidemic? Free summer cottages are offered in the Moscow region

Muscovites are in a hurry to leave the empty capital and hide from the coronavirus in their dachas. Since the beginning of the self-isolation regime, interest in…

Expert: discounts on rental housing in Moscow reached 30% due to self-isolation

Most of all, housing has fallen in price in the areas of Kosino-Ukhtomsky, Lyublino, Vostochny. MOSCOW, April 24. / TASS /.

How to live on: the most painful questions of ordinary people about real estate

Troubled times have come now for the real estate market. Of course, this brings confusion and anxiety to the ranks of not only market players, but also ordinary…

Daily or monthly. How profitable is it now to rent an apartment

After it became clear that the self-isolation regime was being delayed, realtors drew attention to several trends in the real estate market.

Property owners began to reduce rental prices

The decline in income during the epidemic has forced many tenants to think about saving. Apartment owners, as a rule, meet them halfway and provide substantial discounts…

Demand for rental housing in Moscow fell by 20% since the beginning of self-isolation

Since the beginning of the self-isolation regime, the demand for rental housing in Moscow has decreased by 20%.

Rent of country houses in Russia has risen in price by 32%

The demand for rental of country houses in Russia has reached record levels - in March 2020 it increased by an average of 30-60% compared to last year, which led…

How sanatoriums survive without guests

On March 27, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed the regional authorities to suspend from March 28 to June 1, booking seats, reception and accommodation…

Rental failures: rental prices will drop by 15-30%

True, experts expect them to return to their current level in the fall.

Apartment owners refuse daily rent

Apartments that were previously rented by the day are entering the capital's rental market. They are offered at very low prices, but also for relatively short periods…

Airbnb donates $ 250 million to support homeowners

Airbnb announced yesterday, March 30, that it is providing $ 250 million to support homeowners amid the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Revealed the impact of coronavirus on the Russian housing market

The Russian housing market is changing under the influence of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

"Sometimes future tenants choose virtual meetings"

Svetlana Bardina - on transactions in the real estate market. Kommersant FM columnist Svetlana Bardina tells how realtors adapt to new realities and reduce the risk…

Odnushka for the price of the city. Top 5 paradoxes of the capital's real estate market

For the amount given for the most expensive apartment in Moscow, you can maintain a city with a population of 100 thousand for a year, analysts calculated.

Oil, ruble and coronavirus are testing the housing market. What's next for him?

In March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic began, and almost simultaneously the world oil market collapsed, followed by the stock markets and the ruble exchange rate.

The Russians were warned about the rise in prices for housing outside the city

Rates for renting suburban real estate in Russia may increase significantly in the near future: their growth will be facilitated by a surge in demand for rental…

Coronavirus and the fallen ruble sent Russians to their dachas

While some citizens are buying toilet paper, the richer hastily rent and buy suburban real estate. But experts warn - it will not last long.

Russians began to rent more housing

The increasing price of housing forces Russians to postpone the purchase and make a choice in favor of long-term rent: over the year by February 2020

In the suburbs, rented rooms have risen in price

The launch of Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) increased rental rates for housing in satellite cities of the Russian capital.


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